Who Is Mob’s Girlfriend Or Love Interest?

Mob, or rather Shigeo Kageyama, is the protagonist of One’s super popular Mob Psycho 100 series. Mob is most widely known for his emotional blandness and his unbelievable overpowered psychic abilities. Despite being a loner, Mob has a few rather close and meaningful relationships. Here we will try to discuss whether he has a romantic relationship or not.

Who is Mob?

Shigeo Kageyama is an ordinary middle schooler who has acquired the moniker “Mob” owing to his lack of presence. In spite of his humble exterior, he is a strong esper with exceptional psychic talents. He restrains himself emotionally to keep this strength under control.

As a con artist and self-described spirit medium, Reigen Arataka hires Mob as an apprentice to teach him how to harness his powers. Mob just wants to live a typical life like everyone else, but he is being pursued by a storm of danger. Mob’s strength threatens to explode when he ultimately comes into contact with other espers like the Claws because of his repressed emotions.

Mob’s Personality

Mob learned at a young age that his powers are connected to his emotions. Thus, he learned to control his emotions so that he does not end up harming those around him by losing control of his psychic powers. As a result, he ends up a little socially awkward with the inability to read the room properly. His classmates outcasted him as a result, leading him to become a loner. Nonetheless, Mob is a kind, understanding, and forgiving person.

Does Mob have a love interest?

Mob’s love interest was introduced in the beginning of the series itself. Tsubomi Takane was his childhood friend and they used to play at a park when they were children. Mob used to show off his psychic powers to impress Tsubomi. But once she got bored of them, they both grew distant. Although they are in the same class in middle-school, they do not interact much.

Mob also confessed to Tsubomi but she rejected him, saying that she never had such feelings for him. But both of them remained friends even after this. Mob also dated his classmate Emi for a while, after she asked him out. Unfortunately, she had only done it as a bet. Mob found out about it soon enough, when he heard her talking to her friends about him. But he was still kind to her and helped her. Both of them became close friends afterwards. Currently, Mob does not have any romantic partner.