Is Choso Dead In His Fight Against Kenjaku?

After the beginning of the Culling Games in Jujutsu Kaisen, the narrative of the story has been shifting from one group of characters to another constantly. In the recent chapters, it finally came back to the place from where it began – within Tengen’s barrier and to the duo who stayed to protect him – Choso and Yuki Tsukumo. What they had been expecting happened and Kenjaku attacked them. Choso was the first person who volunteered to fight him and was severely injured in the battle.

Why did Choso fight Kenjaku?

When Yuuji Itadori came to Tengen with the others, they learned more about the Culling Games and how to free Satoru Gojo from the Prison Realm. While most of the team went to participate in the deadly competition, two stayed behind. Choso and Yuki Tsukumo decided to stay with Tengen and protect him from Kenjaku and his companions.

Kenjaku soon attacks them, breaking through the barrier of the Tomb of the Star Shrine. Before the attack, Choso, Yuki and Tengen had already planned and discussed how to deal with Kenjaku’s attack. Yuki was confident that once they learn his weakness or figure out his real technique, she would be able to defeat him. Choso decided to be the bait and fight Kenjaku on his own in order to learn more about his powers.

The Result of the Fight

Choso is severely outclassed in the fight against Kenjaku. After all, Kenjaku is a much older and stronger curse than him. Not to mention, Kenjaku is practically Choso’s father. Choso is naturally disadvantaged in the fight. But he persists and is able to counter Kenjaku’s attacks while surviving as well. He also surprises Kenjaku into revealing his other powers. Yuki Tsukumo then enters the battlefield and joins in the fight.

Did Choso die in the Fight?

When the spoilers for these chapters came out, fans were worried that Choso would die in the fight against Kenjaku. Fortunately, as of chapter 204, Choso has not died. He is still standing and fighting against Kenjaku. He was about to discover a potential weakness of the enemy, something that Yuki Tsukumo praised wholeheartedly. And now that Yuki Tsukumo has also joined the battle against Kenjaku, the chances of Choso actually surviving the overall battle have somewhat increased as well. Nonetheless, Gege Akutami always surprises fans with the story’s twists and turns so anything can happen in the story. Currently, Choso is alive but anything can happen in the coming chapters.