[5 Ways] Fix Visible App Not Working In Easy Steps [2022]

When comes to the Visible Phone Service App can be described as an all-digital wireless carrier. It offers unlimited talk, hotspot, data, and text, on Verizon’s 4G LTE and 5G networks too. Both Android and Apple devices in this service are being supported. The service is cheaper in comparison to Verizon. In 2020, the Visible was named in Most Innovative Companies as a fast company. It offers the user unlimited messages, data, and minutes for as low approx $25 per month. Also, there are no hidden fees or annual contracts. Apart from amazing advantages, there are cases when the Visible app fails to work. In this post, we discuss how you can fix the issue of the Visible App not working.

Reasons why the visible app not working?

There is a range of issues due to which the Visible app failed to work. Some of the issues are getting a white or black screen while opening the Visible app, loading error, ping problem, connection error, service error, and screen freeze. Other reasons can be an app installation issue, failure to update, and notifications failing to work properly. Also, there are issues like account or service login issues.

[5 Ways] Fix Visible App Not Working In Easy Steps [2022]

Fix Visible App Not Working

1. Uninstall and reinstall the Visible app

Uninstalling of Visible app from the phone can directly clear the cache and data from the app. Also, it deletes any temporary data and files that may have caused and corrupted the issue. Go back to the App Store after deleting and reinstalling the Visible app on the device.

2. Close and restart the app on the phone

Restarting the Visible app may aid in clearing any such minor glitches from the cache of the application.

  • Until the App Switcher opens, swipe up from the bottom to the middle screen. Further, locate the Visible app.
  • Swipe the Visible app up to close it. Just in the same way, there is a need to close the rest of the background application.
  • For the application of recently made changes in the phone, just restart it and refresh the system.

3. Update Visible to the latest version for the phone

  • On the phone screen, head over to AppStore.
  • Look for Visible Wireless Service. After seeing it, select “open.”
  • In case there is an update available, then the “update” option displays.

4. Update the phone to the latest available version

Install the latest version of the phone as it will likely solve the problem in case it is caused by system issues of the older version. Tap Settings » General » Software Update are its steps.

5. Turn off VPN in the settings menu

If someone is using a VPN, then it may be the issue. Under “General” » “VPN” turn it in the settings app. In case, VPN keeps turning itself back on after being turned off, then head over to Settings » “General” » “VPN.” Hit on the VPN provider and further click “Delete VPN.”


It can be concluded Visible phone service app might fail to work due to several issues that may a problem related to an internet connection. If truly there is a problem with the Visible app, then one can contact directly, the company, and their community will aid to figure out a solution. Meanwhile, one can try to fix such issues by themselves and follow the above-mentioned solutions.