[5 Ways] Fix PS5 DualSense touchpad not working in easy ways [2022]

The PS5, or simply PlayStation 5, is a home video game console, and Song Interactive Entertainment is its manufacturer. In the PS5, there are several features integrated through which the user experience is enhanced definitely. There is an adaptive shoulder button that results in triggering with haptic feedback. Also, the built-in microphone can be used for talking even without wearing a headset. Apart from such features, there is the probability that the touchpad of PS5 DualSense may fail to work properly. In this post, we discuss how you can fix the PS5 DualSense touchpad not working.

Reason for PS5 Dualsense touchpad not working

Touchpad issues on PS5 controllers are generally due to physical malfunction or wear and tear. Sometimes, the contents dropped accidentally might suffer internal component damage even if there is no such obvious damage externally sign.

Although, in this part, a few cases can be due to temporary bugs. Also, the cause may be outside the controller. Several game updates might mess up a few things and result in issues.

[5 Ways] Fix PS5 DualSense touchpad not working in easy ways [2022]

DualSense touchpad not working

Reset the controller

If there is another PS5 controller, then one can check about the problem is to the first controller is isolated. In case, the games just work fine, and the touchpad works along games by using a second controller, then the problematic controller is troubleshot. This can be done by returning its settings to defaults.

Troubleshoot the controller

Restart can be a good option when the problem is being faced with a PS5 controller. This ensures dealing with a problem of possible random bugs chiefly at the onset of troubleshooting. Before attempting to restart it, be sure that the controller is being charged for approx 30 minutes.

Install game updates

In case, the touchpad stops working in a certain game, then the game might be an issue and not the controller. Be sure that the game being played is running the latest version available, especially if played offline. If there is the occurrence of a problem just after the new game patch installment, then one might have to wait for another update for fixing the issue.

Factory reset PS5

A hard PS5 reset is sometimes the only way left for fixing such problems. But backing up the console is the priority before attempting to restore the PS5 factory settings. Fair few users have been doing this recently after their touchpad-related issues.

Repair or replacement

If the above suggestions failed to fix the problem, then there are two options left replacement or repair. If one has no time or failed to manage the repair, then it is better to get a replacement controller.

Touchpad repair is somewhere easy if one knows the way to do it. If there is interest to repair by yourself, then there are a range of videos to be followed on YouTube to tackle this issue.


It can be concluded that some of the PS5 controllers might suffer from touchpad issues or poor touchpad performance. Even in some cases, the controller’s touchpad failed to work properly since the PS5 purchase. But with the above-mentioned solutions, one can fix it.

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